Alvin + Rosni AD

Alvin and Rosni's wedding is a first for me in a few ways. It is my first time covering an Indian temple wedding ceremony (have always wanted to cover one) and a first time chilling out at the groom's place watching them playing Fifa while still getting paid for my time (I just have to include pictures of Alvin and his friends playing) :P

The wedding is basically split into two days - the AD, and the temple ceremony which was held a few days after. However I thought I would post them the other way round, simply because of how I think it flows better in terms of presentation. Both the AD and the ceremony themselves were pretty much as what the couples themselves wanted - a simple, intimate and fuss-free wedding where everyone just relax and enjoy.
Enjoy some of the pick from the wedding!

Makeup Artist: Cleo Chang (
Temple Venue: Sri Murugan Hill Temple
Wedding Venue: Wangz Hotel