Gabriel + Wendy AD

I got to know Wendy through Yixin (Picscanfly) as she was her ex-church mate, and met the couple way back last year. My first impression was they were a really candid and relaxed couple and it made me feel immediately at ease. They told me that they got to know each other through a mutual friend of their parents, this certain matchmaker-auntie who was apparently quite kay-poh and asked around for their details. It was apparently her first success in matchmaking and she was very proud of her record (or the lack of it :P). In today's modern context, it seems that being match-made has not been very popular (as it was probably during the olden days) but hey, you never know you might just meet the special someone :)

It was certainly a joy capturing Gabriel & Wendy's wedding. There was so much love showered by their friends as well, all the way from the preparation of the wedding till the actual day itself. Their friends' speech although pretty long, felt very genuine and heartfelt.

Enjoy some of my selection from the day. Btw, can you guess which is the match-making auntie :P ?