Thank you

I have maintained this blog ever since I started wedding photography in 2011. It is with a heavy heart that I have to leave this space and move on to a new site (which has been completely redesigned and done away with the irksome flash). On the hindsight, I think it is always a good idea to keep things simple and in one place instead of having a portfolio website and a separate blog site (because my old host viewbook doesn't support in built blog page).

I will leave this blogspot as it is since it's practically free and I do feel nostalgic about some of the older contents/weddings that I shot early in my career that will not be carried over to the new site. In general I try to keep the weddings there to a 2-3 years back at max because I feel that as an artist, we do learn something new everyday and stylistically there will be some evolution and progress, hence it is more reflective of my current work.

So thank you for your support you have given me all these years for me to keep going and I will see you over at



Chee Soon + Ai Ning

Chee Soon and Ai Ning are church mate of another couple Wendy & Gabriel whom I shot two years ago here . So when they met me earlier last year it brings alot of familiarity as Chee Soon had been the best man at the other wedding too (the role has been reversed this time as Gabriel is the best man in this set). There is sometimes something nice about a certain continuity and sense of familiarity especially after shooting every wedding that is different, to go back to shoot an almost similar wedding can be refreshing :D

Cinematography: Will Chua/AndroidsinBoots

Church Ceremony: All Saints' Church
Wedding Dinner: Carlton Hotel